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We’ve built integrations with the leading property management systems so that you can effortlessly manage short-term rental risks from one centralised account.

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Seamlessly integrated with all your software

Keep your focus on providing an incredible short-term rental experience. With our all-in-one risk management platform, you can quickly connect to your property management system, easily import your listings and bookings, and reduce guest-related risks, such as property damage, instantly.

What Know Your Guest can give you


Set your own damage deposit fees and waivers depending on your listing and the amount of risk you are happy with.

Peace of mind

Host with confidence knowing that if something does go wrong, you have the ultimate backup plan in place to cover guest damage.


Build your independence as a property manager and remove your reliance on booking channels for protection and screening.

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All the solutions you need at your fingertips

Safeguard and grow your business easily with tools designed to identify risks, eliminate manual processes and ensure that properties remain safe and secure.

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| Guest Screening

Authenticate your guest’s details in real-time across multiple authoritative databases.

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| ID Capture

Know the true identity of your guest with our ID verification and biometric screening technology.

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| Damage Waiver

Cover small guest & property damages efficiently while creating a new revenue stream.

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| Damage Deposit

Easily automate your rental property’s security deposit collection and remittance.

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| Damage Protection

Unmatched short-term rental protection (up to $5 million) for all verified bookings.

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| Ready to get started?

Open your door to guests, not risks with Know Your Guest, the all-in-one risk management platform.

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What makes Know Your Guest different?

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A fully-white labelled guest verification journey

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Unmatched globally accessible protection limits

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Our expert in-house resolutions and mediation team

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The resources to build a new revenue stream

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24-hour dedicated customer service

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A designated account manager whenever needed

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