Damage Protection for
Short-Term Rental Properties

Unmatched comprehensive damage protection up to $5,000,000 for all verified short-term rental bookings across any booking channel.

a big short term rental protected by know your guest's damage protection next to a lake
a short term rental next a lake protected by kjnow your guest's damage protection

Unmatched damage protection that provides the ultimate backup plan

No need to rely on booking platforms to protect your properties. Use our single, comprehensive damage protection to safeguard yourself against the cost of guest damage across all bookings, direct and third-party.

Make sure you have the right protection in place, so you no longer need to

Rely on third-party booking sites

Leave yourself vulnerable to property damage

Battle with guests over damage payouts and the risk of bad online reviews

Instead, with Know Your Guest’s comprehensive damage protection, you can

Accept direct and last-minute bookings

Confidently host knowing you’re protected up to $5,000,000

Focus on your next guests – let us chase your guests for damages

What does our damage protection cover?


Accidental and malicious damage

Damage due to theft

Damage to belongings/contents

Damage to common/shared areas

Not covered

General wear and tear/cosmetic damage

Damage not caused directly by a guest

Bodily injury suffered by a guest or host

“Know Your Guest damage protection is essential to our business. As a booking platform, we not only have to protect our travellers during their stays, but we are also responsible for ensuring that our property managers are covered as well. Know Your Guest gives us the right product at the right price.”

Mateo Bradford

Strategic Business Development Manager for At Ease

the inside of a short-term rental protected by know your guest's damage protection

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still need home insurance with Know Your Guest damage protection?

No. It is no longer a requirement for you to have an underlying home insurance policy in place to use Know Your Guest’s damage protection. Please note that Know Your Guest is not an insurance provider. It is still encouraged that you have a homeowner/landlord insurance policy in place as a professional standard when operating a short-term rental.

Will Know Your Guest pursue guests for damages?

Yes. Guests are responsible for the costs associated with any damages that they might cause during a booking, and a big part of our role is to ensure they honour this responsibility.

Can I use Know Your Guest’s damage protection without its screening solutions?

No. Our Host Guarantee only covers a booking if the guest has been verified by either our Intelligent Guest Screening or ID Capture solution and therefore can not be used without it.

Is Know Your Guest damage protection available in my country? 

Yes. Know Your Guest operates globally with minimal restrictions. Any Property is eligible for this guarantee unless it is located in a country that the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office has determined is not suitable for travel on the day the Booking begins.

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