Know Your Guest – Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Know Your Guest available in my country?

Yes! All Know Your Guest features are available globally with only a few restrictions.

Can I use Know Your Guest with the Airbnb platform?

Yes. With Know Your Guest’s API integration, property managers and hosts are allowed to use our solution on Airbnb’s platform through Airbnb’s offline fees feature, as stated in their own guidelines.

Do I need to inform guests about Know Your Guest?

Communication is key. Being as clear and concise with your guests prior to booking will avoid any pushback and improve the guest experience. That’s why we provide you with specific wording you can add to your listings on any booking platform and your automated emails to guests.

How do I get started with Know Your Guest?

Fill in our business form and select a time for a demo with one of our experts to get started with Know Your Guest.

Where can I find out more information about Know Your Guest’s PMS integrations?

You can check out our complete marketplace for more details on our property management software integrations. If you are unsure whether your PMS is an integrated partner, simply ask us during your demo.

Is Know Your Guest available in my language?

We currently have our Know Your Guest journey in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

What happens if a guest refuses to cooperate?

If you have clearly provided the correct wording on your listings before the guest booking one of your properties, and they refuse to complete the verification or deposit/waiver, we suggest you think twice about hosting them in your property as our solutions are designed to help you avoid bad guests. Ultimately, accepting the booking is your decision.

Ultimately, accepting the booking is your decision.

What currency can a guest pay in?

We currently accept payments in:

  • GBP
  • USD
  • EUR
  • ZAR
  • AUD
  • CAD
Can I choose what Know Your Guest products I want to use?

Yes. However, please note that a level of of our guest screening is compulsory for our Damage Protection Plan.

Will I have an account manager when I sign up with Know Your Guest?

Know Your Guest provides a dedicated account manager to any client who uses our service with 20 or more properties.

How do I make a claim?

Log in to your Know Your Guest (SUPERHOG) account, go to the ‘resolutions’ tab on the left-hand menu and submit your incident. This information will go directly to our dedicated, in-house resolutions team.

What’s the difference between a short-term rental damage waiver and a short-term rental damage deposit?

Damage Waiver – Guests will pay a non-refundable fee (much lower than a deposit payment) to waive their liability of accidental damage up to a set amount. It is designed to help build an additional pot of money, which can be used to cover small damages.

Damage Deposit – Guests will pay a refundable amount of money (usually higher than a damage waiver fee) to cover any damage caused during their stay. This is provisionally held until after checkout. If no damage has occurred, the money will be refunded to the guest.

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Can I implement Know Your Guest’s solutions across the different booking channels that I list my properties on?

Yes, and we encourage you do this to make sure you have the right risk management solution in place for all your bookings – especially your direct bookings.

Can I filter bookings by rental channel?

Coming soon. We are currently implementing this feature within our dashboard, allowing you to block bookings form specific channels (Airbnb, for instance) and verify all the rest.

How does Know Your Guest work if I do not use a Property Management System (PMS)?

Know Your Guest offers a unique ‘One Step Link’ integration, where we provide you with a verification link you can add to your automated booking emails to guests. We also have an open API for direct integration.

Will Know Your Guest prevent parties?

Yes! Guests are less likely to provide details if they knowingly planning a party without your consent. If a party occurs, Know Your Guest will help provide you with all the necessary information to help settle an incident.

Does a guest have to verify more than once?

No. If a guest is already verified, they do not need to verify with Know Your Guest again unless they have been flagged due to damage after their previous checkout.

How much can I charge for a damage waiver or deposit?

You can customise the amount you wish to charge for a damage waiver or deposit for each property you have with us. Your dedicated account manager can set this up for you.

Can I change the deposit refund policy?

If guests decide to pay the deposit, we will hold the deposit for 14 days. However, this can be changed and reduced at your request to 10, 7 or 5 days.

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