Intelligent Guest Screening:
Simple, Smart, Safe.

Our intelligent vacation rental guest screening technology allows you to screen guests before they enter your property, making it easier for you to keep bad guests out.

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Save time by automating your guest screening process

Vacation rental guest screening is a vital part of any business. It ensures that only legitimate guests get access to your rental properties. The best way property managers can do this is through continuous authentication. 

This involves checking the validity of each guest’s data against multiple sources, ensuring that no fraudulent activity takes place.

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Your guest books

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We verify their details

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You host without risk

Manage risk and protect yourself from fraudulent bookings

By implementing our industry-leading vacation rental guest screening you’ll know exactly who is staying in your short-term rental every time.

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Stop problematic guests from booking your property

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Prevent illicit guest parties and the damage they cause

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Comply with local laws and regulations

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Avoid fraudulent bookings and credit card fraud

Make sex offender checks a part of your guest screening journey

Use KYG’s sex offender checker automation to validate bookings in 50 states of America and keep your community safe.

Database and non-documentary screening

We conduct the following checks on guest data in real time against authoritative databases.

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Internal guest database

know your guest phone number check icon

Phone number

know your guest email address check icon

Email address

know your guest linked online profile check icon

Linked online profiles

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IP address

know your guest vpn usage check icon

VPN usage

know your guest data breach check icon

Data breach records

know your guest us sex offender register check icon

US sex offender register

Keep your properties safe and earn

Use our Damage Waiver solution alongside our Intelligent Guest Screening to deal with guest damages quickly and create a new revenue stream

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“The verification process is streamlined and I have more confidence hosting guests and growing my business with Know Your Guest’s services!”

Jackson Church

Founder of betterbnb

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is vacation rental guest screening reliable?

Our software uses state-of-the-art technology, and our team continually investigates the functionality of our product so you can be sure of our screening results.

Is Know Your Guest available in my country?

Our intelligent vacation rental guest screening is available globally.

What if there was an error?

If our vacation rental guest screening system flags a suspicious guest, our team will investigate further. If we do not verify a guest, we will notify you before the booking starts, so you can make an informed decision on whether to continue with that booking.

Does every guest attached to the booking need to be screened?

We only verify the lead guest as they are responsible for the booking.

Are the Know Your Guest sex offender checks available in my country?

Currently, these checks only support sex offender registry searches against guests that are US citizens.

Can I use the Sex Offender add-on by itself?

Our sex offender screening tool can only be used in conjunction with either our Intelligent Guest Screening or ID Capture solution.

What is vacation rental guest screening?

Vacation rental guest screening is a common practice in direct and indirect booking. Homeowners, hosts, and property managers proactively run legal and non-discriminatory checks on each guest to evaluate and mitigate the risks they may pose. Contact us and learn how to significantly reduce the time spent on manual checks and automate the vacation rental guest screening process with Intelligent Guest Screening software. You are most welcome to read a more in-depth explanation of What is guest screening in our article.

How does guest screening work?

Vacation rental guest screening takes place at the beginning of the guest’s booking journey. First, the guest is invited to submit the required data including name, email, date of birth, country, and phone number. Then, our vacation rental guest screening solution conducts checks on guest data in real-time against authoritative databases including our internal guest database, open data, and sex offender list (applicable in the US). As a result of the screening procedure, the host receives an evaluation of potential risks posed by the guest.

Does Airbnb do background checks?

Airbnb runs checks of hosts and guests. According to the latest Airbnb article, the platform runs checks on hosts when guests book a stay or right after a host creates a listing but those rules apply to India and the US. Booking submits the guest’s or host’s name, last name, and date of birth to approved background check providers.

Why is it crucial to screen vacation rental guests?

Vacation rental guest screening minimises the risk of hosting problematic guests, prevents illicit parties, helps avoid fraudulent bookings, and reduces the risk of credit card fraud. So what you get by running vacation rental guest screening is reduced potential property damage, less money spent on fixing broken furniture, and, ultimately peace of mind.

Why is guest screening so important in direct bookings?

Direct vacation rental guest screening allows property managers, homeowners, and property management companies to protect their properties and ensure a smooth experience to their guests. The main reason is that it allows property managers identify bad guests or prevent fraudulent bookings.

How do you screen short-term rental guests?

You can do guest screening manually or run it through specialised vacation rental guest screening solutions like Superhog regardless of the number of properties you manage. Here are a couple of tips to use if you prefer to do manual vacation rental guest screening:

  1. Review profiles of your guests
  2. Ask for guest IDs
  3. Get curious about the purpose of visiting the city
  4. Search your guests on social media platforms

If you’re considering streamlining your vacation rental guest screening experience, here are a couple of steps to follow:

  1. Apply a vacation rental guest screening software
  2. Ask guests to sign a short-term rental agreement
  3. Check if your property is ensured
  4. Require a damage waiver or damage deposit

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