Capture Your Guest’s Identity

Our ID Capture safely determines your guest’s true identity helping you keep bad guests out of your short-term rental home.

guest verification

Anywhere and anytime: Short-term rental guest verification in 3 simple steps

Know your guest is who they say they are, all in real-time, and remove the headache
that comes with manually verifying the identity of guests every time you have a booking.

know your guest uses biometric checks to confirm your guest's identity

Step 1: After a booking has been confirmed, your guest will receive their unique verification link to begin the online verification process.

Step 2: Your guest inputs all their basic personal information into our secure database. The guest will accept our Guest Agreement to confirm their liability for damage.

Step 3: Your guest then uploads a photo of their government ID card or passport and a real-time selfie.

We do our identity verification process checks behind the scenes and reach out to guests on your behalf if there are any inaccuracies.

Want a full review of your guest’s rental history?

Upgrade to our Intelligent Guest Screening

Automate your guest screening process with us

Our ID verification technology will allow you to determine the true identity of your guests before they enter your property.

guest verification

Save time with automation

No more manual guest reviews or passport scans.

guest verification

Say no to risk

Identify fraudsters looking to take advantage of your property.

guest verification

Stand out as a professional

Put trust, safety and protection at the core of your business.

guest verification

Never miss a booking

We integrate with many leading property management systems.

guest verification

No PMS? No problem

Ask about our own integrated link available (One Step Link).

guest verification

Increase accountability

You’ll have the necessary details to pass on if something does go wrong.

Before using Know Your Guest, I had to vet each booking situation myself. Now, I am sure at least that the identity of the guest booking matches the actual guest’s.”

Elizabeth Donn

Founder of The Reservation Specialists

guest verification

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it reliable?

Our software uses state-of-the-art technology, and our team continually investigates the functionality of our product so you can be sure of our screening results.

What countries is Know Your Guest’s ID Capture available in?

Our ID Capture solution is available globally.

What if there was an error?

If, for some reason, our system flags a guest, our customer experience team will investigate further. If we do not verify a guest, we will notify you before the booking starts, so you can make an informed decision on whether to continue with that booking.

Does every guest attached to the booking need to be screened?

We only ask the lead guest to supply us with their identity documents as they are the ones who are responsible for the booking.

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